Culzean House

Renovating Culzean

Christmas at Culzean

Christmas at Culzean

Culzean is perfect for Christmas with friends and family more>

Beautiful setting, superb accommodation & facilities and a fantasic base for exploring the Cowal Peninsula. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will be spreading the word. Many thanks!

The Wilkes & Lamont families

Renovating Culzean House

Steeped in history and with many stories to tell, Culzean House has stood for over 200 years.

Culzean HouseLying derelict, we saw the house as it was, a magical building in a perfect setting which had been left to the wild and deserved to be saved, a house with historical interest as it belonged to the Glen Finart Estate and had been the Home Farm for the local area. The house had been derelict for over 35 years, had holes in the roof and was suffering from a nasty combination of both wet and dry rot. After 2 years of extensive renovation the house is fit to stand for a further 100 years. We feel it was a building worth saving.

 Culzean House

Over the years we have had many peolple, many over the age of 80, visit us to say that they were born in the house. They tell tales of dark and bleak winters huddled round the tilly lamp and walking 20 miles to school barefoot. Tales of being a young child free to roam in this glorious expanse of countryside and the hard work that took place upon the farm. We have also learnt that five families were evacuated to the house during WWII, some war memorobilia was recovered during the renovations.


Culzean House renovationGuests need not worry about the condition of the building as the renovation works are now complete, leaving a fantastic building for all to enjoy. Looking back we can honestly say that we did enjoy the build, although we can admit that like all projects of this size it certainly had its moments. Hopefully you will agree that Culzean House has been restored to an exceptional level and will provide you with an unforgettable stay.

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